Thursday, September 08, 2016

A Review of Experimental Compounds Demonstrating Anti-Toxoplasma Activity

 2016 Sep 6. pii: AAC.01176-16. [Epub ahead of print]


Toxoplasma gondii is a ubiquitous apicomplexan parasite capable of infecting humans and other animals. Current treatment options for T. gondii infection are limited and most have drawbacks, including high toxicity and low tolerability. Additionally, no FDA-approved treatments are available for pregnant women, a high-risk population due to transplacental infection. Therefore, the development of novel treatment options is needed. To aid this effort, this review highlights experimental compounds that, at a minimum, demonstrate inhibition of in vitro growth of T. gondii When available, host cell toxicity and in vivo data is also discussed. The purpose of this review is to facilitate additional development of anti-Toxoplasmacompounds, and potentially to extend our knowledge of the parasite.
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