Friday, October 16, 2015

Recent advances in developing vaccines against Toxoplasma gondii: an update

2015 Oct 14:1-13. [Epub ahead of print]
Toxoplasma gondii, a significant public health risk, is able to infect almost all warm-blooded animals including humans, and it results in economic losses in production animals. In the last three years, a large number of vaccination experiments have been performed to control T. gondii infection, with the target of limiting the acute infection and reducing or eliminating tissue cysts in the intermediate hosts. In this paper, we summarize the latest results of the veterinary vaccines against T. gondii infection since 2013. Immunization with live-attenuated whole organisms of non-reverting mutants has been shown to induce remarkably potent immune responses associated with control of acute and chronic toxoplasmosis. The non-cyst-forming mutants are promising new tools for the development of veterinary vaccines against T. gondii infection.


Toxoplasma gondii; adjuvant; delivery system; toxoplasmosis; vaccine candidates; vaccines
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Brown Ada said...

Such vaccines are in urgent need by people who are under the environment since all warm organism can be infected, hope the newly found non-cyst-forming mutants can facilitate the drug discovery and development.