Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dark side illuminated: imaging of Toxoplasma gondii through the decades

 2013 Nov 22;6(1):334. [Epub ahead of print]

Dark side illuminated: imaging of Toxoplasma gondii through the decades


In the more than 100 years since its discovery, our knowledge of Toxoplasma biology has improved enormously. The evolution of molecular biology, immunology and genomics has had profound influences on our understanding of this ubiquitous bug. However, it could be argued that in science today the adage "seeing is believing" has never been truer. Images are highly influential and in the time since the first description of T. gondii, advances in microscopy and imaging technology have been and continue to be dramatic. In this review we recount the discovery of T. gondii and the contribution of imaging techniques to elucidating its life cycle, biology and the immune response of its host.
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