Friday, September 30, 2011

A Purification Method for Enrichment of the Toxoplasma gondii Cyst Wall

J Neuroparasitology. 2010 Dec;1. pii: N101001

A Purification Method for Enrichment of the Toxoplasma gondii Cyst Wall

Zhang YW, Halonen SK, Ma YF, Tanowtiz HB, Weiss LM.

SourceDepartment of Pathology, Division of Parasitology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 10461, USA.

The tissue cyst wall of Toxoplasma gondii is a stage-specific structure that is produced by modification of the bradyzoite-containing parasitophorous vacuole. It is a limiting membrane structure and is critically important for cyst survival and transmission of infection. Studies on the structure and function of the cyst wall should provide new therapeutic strategies for the elimination or prevention of latency during T. gondii infection. The membrane proteins of the T. gondii cyst are an important target for studies of the biochemical and immunological function(s) of the cyst. However, the components of the cyst membrane have been poorly characterized due to the difficulty of purification of these membrane proteins. We developed a lectin DBA (Dolichos biflorus) coated magnetic bead isolation method to isolate T. gondii cyst wall proteins. Our data suggests that this method can isolate cyst wall proteins from both in vitro cell culture or in vivo mouse brain derived tissue cysts. Antibodies to these isolated protein preparations were shown to localize to the cyst wall.


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