Thursday, September 24, 2009

Post Doctoral fellowships available

Post Doctoral fellowships announcement:

The Toxoplasmosis Research Institute and Center at The University of Chicago is seeking three imaginative and highly motivated postdoctoral fellows for NIH and Foundation funded positions who are interested in focusing their research on Toxoplasma gondii as it is important in human infections and diseases.

These positions are for scientists with a PhD, MD, or MD/PhD, outstanding prior accomplishments and publications, and who are interested in working in the following areas: human host and pathogen interactions (particularly T. gondii) especially as this involves the brain and immune system; molecular biology and biochemistry forming a basis for medicine development particularly to eliminate the encysted form of the parasite; and immunology and genetics forming a basis for vaccine development and understanding protection and pathogenesis. Prior work with Toxoplasma or other apicomplexan parasites such as Plasmodia and experience in other relevant areas (including cell biology, bioinformatics, systems biology, neurosciences and neuroimaging) are considered special, additional strengths.

The overall goals of work in our laboratory and programs are to better understand, prevent and cure this human infection. Exceptional opportunities for research are available in the areas of pathogenesis involving genetics, molecular medicine, immunology, molecular parasitology, gene regulation of parasite and host, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics and systems biology, neuroscience and human diseases. There are ongoing projects in these areas. These projects are in the context of a clinical center providing medical care for those with toxoplasmosis and a study of the effects of Toxoplasma infection across the human lifetime with and without treatment. Representative publications from our research group include: Nature vol. 393, pages 801-805 (1998); PNAS vol. 100, pages 14281-14286 (2003); CID vol. 42, pages 1383-1394 (2006); PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases vol. 2, e190 (2008); PLoS One vol. 3, e2285 (2008).

Work takes place in a friendly, interactive and collaborative laboratory and clinical center which are set in a vibrant and scholarly intellectual University community. The University has strong educational and research programs in each of the broad areas listed above with outstanding students and is located in a quiet residential community within 10 minutes to central downtown Chicago. More information about the University can be found at ( Chicago is an exciting, complex and beautiful major US city with all types of galleries, museums, theaters, music venues, and restaurants. There are many other activities, beaches, boating, and unique neighborhoods and suburbs. More information about Chicago is available at

To apply, please submit the following by e-mail to Dr. Rima McLeod ( curriculum vitae, 1-2 page summary of research interests, major accomplishments and future goals and 3 letters of reference with contact information.

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